Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

Family Albino

Mira & Alegra auch einzeln Downloadbar!
Mira & Alegra seperat downloadable!

Frisur Mira (Mutter) = Eternila
Frisur Alegra (Tochter) = Cazy
Strümpfe = Lilisims
Bikini (Mira) = Ace Creators (Anubis)


  1. Very nice family, they have interesting style with red and white colors, like it!

  2. Annett, Just wanted to ask a quick question. When I first downloaded this family and attempted to install them it told me I needed to update my game. I was still on patch 1.42 from Seasons. I wasn't going to update my game till University came out. But I really wanted to add this family to my game. So I backed everything up and went ahead and patche all my mods and the game itself to 1.48. Now, while I have 1.48 installed I have them in my game but it still comes up with an error of ** This item has Dependencies on EP or SP content that seems to be missing. The missing EP or SP content will be replaced with proxies. ** I'm assuming that the missing proxies are something from 70's 80's & 90's stuff. It's the only EP that I am missing in my game, Whereas I wasn't going to purchase it either till University came out. I was just wondering if this was the case on your part if you had that specific EP installed in you game. I'm going to guess and say that it's something in the traits section of the sims. Mind you that is just a guess. Anyways, I'm going to run to my local EBGames in a few mins and purchase that EP just so I can get these guys installed properly. But I just thought I would ask and let you know about the situation I ran into.

    Cheers & Thanks for this Family. Going to make an interesting story with them.

  3. Ok,I wanted to come back and let ya know that I found the culprit of why it said what it did as to the ** This item has Dependencies on EP or SP content that seems to be missing. The missing EP or SP content will be replaced with proxies. **

    It's articles of clothing from the 70's 80's & 90's stuff. If you do not have this expansion installed you will not see some of the clothing listed in pictures. That was why I was getting the errors. And you must also be patched to 1.48 as well or this family will not install.

    I went out and bought that expansion pack and got it installed and sure enough I found why I was having problems with them. But all is good now and everything is working as it should.

    So again, thanks for the family and I'm currently playing them in my hood. Excellent job on them. =)

  4. Ich kann nicht gut Englisch, aber soviel habe ich verstanden, das bei dir das Accessoires-Pack "70er, 80er & 90er" gefehlt hat. Ich freue mich, das es nun doch geklappt hat und werde auch versuchen die EP's und AP's bei den Credits zu erwähnen.

    Danke für das Feedback

    LG Annett